#FM15 Legends Interview with @AFHStewart of Put Niels in Goal & The Set Pieces

Folks, it’s been a while since I did one of these but I am delighted to get one of the most successful FM writers in the game to go through the grilling that I like to subject people to.  Ok, it’s not so much a grilling as a gentle tickle behind the ear, but I hope you enjoy the insight into Alex Stewart of Put Niels in Goal and The Set Pieces! Continue reading “#FM15 Legends Interview with @AFHStewart of Put Niels in Goal & The Set Pieces”

#FM15 Legends Interviews: RealTimeFM!

Welcome back to the number one interview series folks, and thanks for all the positive feedback!  I am absolutely delighted to bring you the next name in the series, RealTimeFM.  I love his blog, it inspired me to copy him with the love of my life Real Oviedo.  That project has been shelved now as once I started doing it I knew how time consuming playing Real Time is!  So the level that RealTimeFM does it at, trust me guys, it takes some doing.  Over to the man himself. Continue reading “#FM15 Legends Interviews: RealTimeFM!”

#FM15 – Legends Interview: The FM Whizzkids!

Welcome back to another Legends Interview folks – this seems more popular than any of the other stuff I put together!  Growing up I used to spend time updating my database to make sure all the transfers were done, for my own use.  God, I also remember updating all the players on Sensible Soccer to make it real!  Today I have the creator of the best database out there, a guy who makes my old efforts look totally amateur!  James from FM Whizzkids – if any of you want an up-to-date database, this is the place to go. Continue reading “#FM15 – Legends Interview: The FM Whizzkids!”

#FM15 Legends Interview: Nick from Football Manager Now

Welcome folks, another Legends Interview today.  I am delighted that Nick wanted to take some time to speak to me today, I joined his forum a few months ago and it is now the only forum I use.  I had’t realised his pedigree until learning more about him and what he has done in the past, and now he tells you a little more about it.  Over to the man himself… Continue reading “#FM15 Legends Interview: Nick from Football Manager Now”

#FM15 Legend Interviews: StatApp from YouTube

Alright folks, I’m back in another interview with a legend.  One thing that has changed dramatically since I was last playing FM regularly (back in the days when there were only forums to learn from) is the uprising of FM related YouTube channels.  There are some brilliant ones around, and I have a couple of interviews coming up over the next week or so with some of the best ones, in my humble, out there.  Today, I am delighted to have spoken to StatApp of the YouTube channel of the same name.  Over to him now… Continue reading “#FM15 Legend Interviews: StatApp from YouTube”

FM15 Legends Interview: The one and only @shrewnaldo

I first “met” Shewnaldo on Twitter when I suggested he checked out my book, “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager: The Story of Mansfield Town FC 99/00 (according to Championship Manager)”  I learned quickly that he wasn’t a fan of Twitter marketing, but his response did lead me to his blog, which I read and instantly connected with.  Since then I have read each post he has written, and the quality of his writing quite frankly makes me jealous.  I was a little nervous about approaching him to do this interview, fingers burned once and all that, so I was delighted when he said yes – and I hope you all enjoy learning more about the guy who writes one of the most viewed blogs in FM history.

Continue reading “FM15 Legends Interview: The one and only @shrewnaldo”

Fm15 Legends Interview: Paul from FM Central

Welcome back folks, another interview for you today – this time with one of the newer players on the block.  I stumbled across FM Central when I was trawling YouTube trying to find as much of the FM community as possible.  I found their weekly FM Show and was quite impressed, having dabbled in putting together weekly podcasts and videos on YouTube myself.  Since then I have got to know Paul a bit, and we share quite a lot in common – both support crap football teams in the UK, both quit the UK for a better way of life and both enjoy finding really random sides far down the leagues and dream of taking them to glory before we get bored.  Personally, I have started to spend too much time in their FB group and I think they have started one of the communities to be involved with.  So, I was delighted when Paul took some time out of taking Magdeburg up the German leagues to answer a few questions….

Continue reading “Fm15 Legends Interview: Paul from FM Central”