#FM15 #HaarlemGlobetrotting : Top of the Klasse! (end of season four review)

Welcome back to #HaarlemGlobetrotting which is fast becoming my greatest #FM15 save.  We have progressed once more, we have topped the Topklasse and next season we will be pitting our collective wits against the likes of (insert) in the Eerste Division. Continue reading “#FM15 #HaarlemGlobetrotting : Top of the Klasse! (end of season four review)”

FM15 Legends Interview: Cleon!

Folks, welcome to my second “FM15 Legends Interview.”  I am really proud to post this one, as this guy is someone I knew about from the my first time round playing FM, just before I had to go cold turkey.  He is one of the most respected “experts” out there and posts some of the best pieces ever written on the game, in my opinion.  So I was naturally delighted when he agreed to give up some time for me just before Christmas.  Enjoy…

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