#FM15 #FordFocus : September Smiles

Season two of #FordFocus has made a brilliant start. We already top the table, have a GD of plus 12 and are coping brilliantly with a playing squad of just 18 players. Four of them are loanees so I am managing to only pay fourteen of my squad, kerching! It’s all part of the “Soccernomics meets Moneyball” game plan. Can we push on through September and still lead the way? Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : September Smiles”

#FM15 #FordFocus : Summer in the City

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes at CD Torrevieja, the FM Family football club here in Spain. Quick plug, if you want to know more about how you can get involved with a real professional football club that is linked to Football Manager, let me know. Welcome to season two, I am really excited. Having won promotion with Guildford City in the first season employing my “Soccernomics meets Moneyball” strategy I cannot wait to get my teeth into our Ryman Division One South campaign. We were the runaway winners of the Combined Counties League and the 14 of the 17 man squad have been retained for this season, consistency and stability being current buzzwords at The Spectrum. Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : Summer in the City”

#FM15 #FordFocus : Twelfth Night

Guildford City have twelve games left to secure promotion out of the Combined Counties League. We currently sit nine points clear, so I would be quite surprised if we failed to see this out considering we have won our last eight matches, but hey, weirder things have happened. I’ve ended up at Guildford City as they are former giants of the amateur game but never quite made it into the football league and I plan to get them there before moving on to bigger things myself. That’s the plan anyway! Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : Twelfth Night”

#TheTaleOfTorrevieja – Cronica/Match Report : CD Torrevieja 1 – 1 Crevillente

The temperatures soared at the Vicente Garcia as the May heat arrived on time.  Torrevieja went into the local battle with Crevillente knowing that only a miracle meant they could get into the play offs and the early passages of play suggested that they knew the game was up. Continue reading “#TheTaleOfTorrevieja – Cronica/Match Report : CD Torrevieja 1 – 1 Crevillente”

#FM15 #FordFocus : City Living

Welcome back Ladies & Gents!  Thank you for sticking with me as we move into December in my #FordFocus save where I am managing Guildford City of the Combined Counties League.  City used to be one of the great amateur sides in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but were unable to get elected to the Football League.  Well maybe, just maybe, I can lead them to that one day. Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : City Living”

#FM15 #FordFocus : Carragher, you are crazy….

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to #FordFocus the latest in a long-line of saves I have written about on #FM15.  As the god of Strikerless himself, Guido Merry, eloquently put it “man, you have had more saves than my missus has shoes – and she has a lot of shoes!”  Well, I am lucky to have enough to time to play and write about this wonderful game and I am very grateful for that.  Anyway, I am digressing already.  I am picking up the reigns following the first game in October 2014. Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : Carragher, you are crazy….”

#FM15 #FordFocus : In the beginning….

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new #FM15 series, #FordFocus.  For those of you going “What! Wait! Hang on! What happened to Haarlem?” then please see the previous post where I cry over my laptop for the reasons I had to end that wonderful, wonderful journey.  Haarlem is the past and, almost laughably, Guildford City FC are my future! Continue reading “#FM15 #FordFocus : In the beginning….”