#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – Crimean Match-of-the-Day?

Welcome to Crimean Match of the Day, where we will be focussing on Gvardiets of the First Division.  We will be showing you highlights of today’s fixture at the Gvardiets Stadium, where “The Gvards” hosted Stalker. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – Crimean Match-of-the-Day?”

#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?

Hello folks, and welcome to my new journey in the newly formed Football Association of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, or AR Crimea as they will be known from here on in.  I’m not pretending to know too much about the history or politics of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea but there has been talk that UEFA are going to sanction them as a new footballing country and help them set up a league structure following the Ukraine FA kicking out clubs based in Crimea. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?”

#FM15 #TheMatelianoMission – that tricky title defence

Hello folks!  ‪#‎TheMatelianoMission‬ is pushing forward at a pace now. We did the double in the first season meaning we had a chance at the Champions League qualifiers. Amazingly, we won 5-3 on aggregate in the first qualifying round against Shirak of Armenia – a truly incredible achievement in only our second year of existence. Sadly we got stuffed in the next round against Steaua Bucharest but you can’t have everything. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheMatelianoMission – that tricky title defence”

#FM15 #TheMatelianoMission – there’s good news, and there is bad news

Hello folks!  #TheMatelianoMission is back and having done the double in our first year in existence I am now taking the team through the pre-season.  There is good news and bad news, particularly on the financials.  If you want to catch up on the story so far, click here and here. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheMatelianoMission – there’s good news, and there is bad news”

#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – going like the clappers!

Hello folks, welcome back to #ClaptonCorner which is going so damn well it is stopping me from writing the bloody book!  I love Johnny Cooper, I love CM99/00, but when I have a save like this going like it is going I cannot put it down.  I am writing, today, 1st Jan 2018 and I felt it was an appropriate time to bring you up to speed on season four. Continue reading “#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – going like the clappers!”

#FM15 #TheJenaJourney – leaving a legend out

Good morning #TheJenaJourney fans!  Welcome back to my #FM15 series where I am managing German side FC Carl Zeiss Jena.  It is season five, and following three straight promotions up to the Bundesliga we were relegated last season.  Four games into the new season we have made a half decent start and I hope we can really push on today! Continue reading “#FM15 #TheJenaJourney – leaving a legend out”