#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan Euganeo Encounter Entertains Everyone

The first ever Padova derby took place this evening as the two residents of the Euganeo met for the first time.  Biancoscudati Padova, the Serie D/C league leaders and the phoenix club formed when their victors, 7th placed Calcio Padova went bust in the summer of 2014 played out a thrilling match which ended 2-1 in favour of the club originale.  Radio Sportiva were there for all the action. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan Euganeo Encounter Entertains Everyone”

#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Coppa Italia Serie D draws together two fallen icons of the Italian game

The quarter finals of the 2016/17 Coppa Italia Serie D has drawn together two the two clubs that went out of business at the end of the 2013/14 season, Calcio Padova and AS Siena, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Coppa Italia Serie D draws together two fallen icons of the Italian game”

#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Promotion, Professionalism and Pre-Signings

Having been unable to chase down Saciliese and win the Eccellenza Padova had to clinch promotion the Serie D the hard way, through the lottery of the play-offs.  Fortunately the Biancoscudati were in no mood to let the opportunity pass them by as they dismantled Rosignano 4-2 with goals from Ballardini, Adaje and Albanese (2), report The Padova Press. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Promotion, Professionalism and Pre-Signings”

#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan Darwen’s Defenderless Dream

Tactical innovation is not rife in Italian football, but there is certainly a theme of quality over quantity.  Be it the catenaccio devised by Helenio Herrera with Inter in the 1960’s or Arrigo Saachi’s modern 442 in the 1980’s & 90’s, when a new way of playing leaves the shores of the Azzuri it is normally something that the rest of the world take note of, reports Tv7 sport. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan Darwen’s Defenderless Dream”

#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Padova Palaver Promises Pain

Hey folks – none of that pretend interview rubbish today, just a good, old-fashioned, honest appraisal of #ThePadovaPlan as we enter our second season.  For those not familiar with what I am trying to do, Calcio Padova went bust in the real world in July 2014 days before the FM season starts.  As they were founding members of Serie A I felt a bit bad for them, particularly as they gave the world Alessandro Del Piero, so I reinstated them into Italian football, only in the graveyard shift of the lowest league. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Padova Palaver Promises Pain”