#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – it’s over, I tell you it’s over

Well, the AR Crimea experiment has come to an early end – we threw it away on the final day of the season.  Having lost the key match against Zhemchuyzna we only needed to win our final match against a mid-table side to secure the title. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – it’s over, I tell you it’s over”

#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?

Hello folks, and welcome to my new journey in the newly formed Football Association of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, or AR Crimea as they will be known from here on in.  I’m not pretending to know too much about the history or politics of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea but there has been talk that UEFA are going to sanction them as a new footballing country and help them set up a league structure following the Ukraine FA kicking out clubs based in Crimea. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?”