#ComeOnTheOviedo [E7] The Timbers Take The Tie

Hey folks – something a little different this morning.  As a Real Oviedo Shareholder, I have been doing a few previews and reviews of matches this season (when I have had a decent wifi connection).  Finally I have one again, so they are back – and I start again with a very special episode… Continue reading “#ComeOnTheOviedo [E7] The Timbers Take The Tie”

Wouldn’t it be dull if everyone was the same?

With all the kerfuffle this week about Diego Costa it got me to thinking about a football world where everyone was very nice to each other, didn’t argue, didn’t tackle, didn’t foul, didn’t appeal, didn’t disagree with the ref and didn’t do anything that falls under the “very, very naughty” category. Continue reading “Wouldn’t it be dull if everyone was the same?”