#FM15 #Tactics – My CM93/94 3-3-1-3

**DISCLAIMER – if you are expecting a tactical analysis of any real quality, move along, nothing to see here!**

A few folks have been enquiring about my CM93/94 3-3-1-3 that has been breaking the hearts of teams in Mateliano, AR Crimea and, more recently, Italy in the last month or so of playing time.  So I thought I would break it down a little bit for those that might want to try it for themselves! Continue reading “#FM15 #Tactics – My CM93/94 3-3-1-3”

#FM15 #Tactics – A Guide to Creating a Tactic by www.footballmanagercentral.com

Afternoon folks.  Whilst you are spending Valentine’s Day ignoring the other half and getting some valuable time in on FM15 you might be struggling a little to make a solid tactic.  Personally, I am a fan of the score four more than them approach but my good friend Paul at www.footballmanagercentral.com certainly knows how to make a team difficult to break down, as anyone that has watched his YouTube channel will know.  So check this post out! Continue reading “#FM15 #Tactics – A Guide to Creating a Tactic by www.footballmanagercentral.com”