#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – nothing beats pinching it back on the last day….

Welcome back to #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless folks and I have just finished season four with the mighty Tons.  What a season, what a season. Continue reading “#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – nothing beats pinching it back on the last day….”

#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – going like the clappers!

Hello folks, welcome back to #ClaptonCorner which is going so damn well it is stopping me from writing the bloody book!  I love Johnny Cooper, I love CM99/00, but when I have a save like this going like it is going I cannot put it down.  I am writing, today, 1st Jan 2018 and I felt it was an appropriate time to bring you up to speed on season four. Continue reading “#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – going like the clappers!”

#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – I love the sound of silverware

Alright guys, something a bit different for next week or so as #TheJenaJourney is put to one side for a while.  There are two reasons for this; Firstly it was doing my head in and I am on the verge of resigning and ending the save.  Secondly, the time it takes to write up five matches a day in my style is time that I need to invest in writing the third “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager” book which I am hoping to launch in March. Continue reading “#FM15 #ClaptonCorner & #Strikerless – I love the sound of silverware”