#FM15 #BestOfTheBest : featuring The Deep Lying Podcast, CM9798, Cleon & AFC Hinckley

Morning folks – as it’s Friday it’s time to round up the best of the #FM15 writing that’s been out there this week.

Cleon & SI Sports Centre – not any new writing as such, but Cleon has given the website a new look, and it looks good!

The Deep Lying Podcast – a new podcast that has, finally, been launched.  I’ve been asked to be on it, so keep listening just in case it happens!

David Black & CM9798 – Little Trouble – this is my favourite series out there at the moment, mainly because it goes back even further than my “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager” series that started in 99/00.  David is now approaching WC2010, and not many original stars are left, but the series and his writing is as gripping as ever.

AFC Hinkley & The Alphabet Challenge – another cracking series, AFC Hinckley working his way through the alphabet and winning titles as he goes.  How has he done in Brasil?

As I am sure you will agree, some fantastic stuff there – hope you enjoy it!


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