#FM15 #HaarlemGlobetrotting : Haarlem Hurt

FM15 can be such a cruel game sometimes. It made Haarlem favourites for the league, it had us top of the table before Christmas, it teased me all season long into thinking we were going up. Then we had a run of one win in six as the run in commenced. Cruel FM, cruel I tell you.

We have failed to get promoted for the second season running. The hardest part was, having drawn with JVC who won the league (a result that left us four points off the top), we missed the chance to close it back to a point when we both lost in the same weekend. There was still a chance in the last game, if we beat second and JVC lost. It didn’t happen, we won 4-0 against UNA and JVC won 3-2 getting a late winner. It showed me that just a couple more wins in the final eight games would have been enough. Talk about deflated.

I don’t think the squad needs a major overhaul in the summer, but a few faces that have not progressed will be released, namely Gyasi , Hermy and Noor. The jury is still out on a couple of others, but it will depend on who I could bring in.

The season did have some plus points. We have brought a couple of decent young midfielders into the first team from the U18’s. Their name’s are Musah and Smit and I think they could go on to be fine players for us. Vanmaris scored over 20 goals for the second season running, but did dry up when I needed him most.

For next season, we will just go again – no drastic changes. The squad will be another year older, another year wiser. I’ll need to find a new Head of Youth Development as Johnny Rep is retiring, but other than that I will keep the backroom team the same. Any changes this summer will probably come down to who is available.

Just a short update as I am still picking myself up after the disappointment. With ten minutes to go in the season I thought we might have clawed it back, but no.

Final league table below along with the league player stats. This will take some time to get over!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 19.22.21 Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 19.22.43

Kom op Haarlem!

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