#FM15 #BestOfTheBest : featuring SI Sports Centre, The CoffeeHouse & FM Central

Hello folks, it’s been a while since I’ve done this but I have time today.  Here is the best of the FM world that I have read in the last few weeks, some excellent stuff in here today!

Cleon & SI Sports Centre:  Lines & Diamonds by Hand of God

Cleon is hosting this fantastic series, a must for anyone that wants to know more about tactics.  It even comes with a PDF download so you can take it away and read it

Mr Ed & The Coffee House: The Udinese Project

Mr Ed is doing a Moneyball series on the Italian side Udinese, and it is proving a little more difficult than first imagined!

The Set Pieces: Interview with Sid Lowe

Ok, not exactly FM – but I stumbled across this excellent interview with my good friend Sid when reading Alex Stewart’s FM series on The Set Pieces!

FM Central: Mid Match Changes

A good post from Paul on making changes mid-match, something that we can all benefit from doing.

Come on the Oviedo: #HaarlemGlobetrotting

Another bit of shameless self-promotion, but have a read of my Haarlem series where I took one of the oldest clubs in Holland who had gone bust in 2010 and recreated them as an amatuer side in the 4th tier of Dutch football.

That’s all for this week folks – feel free to let me know of anything I may have missed!


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