#FM15 Legends Interview with @AFHStewart of Put Niels in Goal & The Set Pieces

Folks, it’s been a while since I did one of these but I am delighted to get one of the most successful FM writers in the game to go through the grilling that I like to subject people to.  Ok, it’s not so much a grilling as a gentle tickle behind the ear, but I hope you enjoy the insight into Alex Stewart of Put Niels in Goal and The Set Pieces! Continue reading “#FM15 Legends Interview with @AFHStewart of Put Niels in Goal & The Set Pieces”

#FM15 #Tactics – My CM93/94 3-3-1-3

**DISCLAIMER – if you are expecting a tactical analysis of any real quality, move along, nothing to see here!**

A few folks have been enquiring about my CM93/94 3-3-1-3 that has been breaking the hearts of teams in Mateliano, AR Crimea and, more recently, Italy in the last month or so of playing time.  So I thought I would break it down a little bit for those that might want to try it for themselves! Continue reading “#FM15 #Tactics – My CM93/94 3-3-1-3”

#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Padova Palaver Promises Pain

Hey folks – none of that pretend interview rubbish today, just a good, old-fashioned, honest appraisal of #ThePadovaPlan as we enter our second season.  For those not familiar with what I am trying to do, Calcio Padova went bust in the real world in July 2014 days before the FM season starts.  As they were founding members of Serie A I felt a bit bad for them, particularly as they gave the world Alessandro Del Piero, so I reinstated them into Italian football, only in the graveyard shift of the lowest league. Continue reading “#FM15 #ThePadovaPlan – Padova Palaver Promises Pain”

#FM15 #CDTorrevieja – oh, what a night!

What a difference a week makes in the world of CD Torrevieja.

Not content with just putting an end to their run of defeats last weekend, the club has suddenly become the most talked about Spanish club outside of the Madrid’s, Barcelona and Real Oviedo!  Following the addition of football author Chris Darwen to assist the club with their commercial and PR activities, the Tercera Group 6 club have seen their membership base for next season increase by 50% and have forged a link with a previously untapped market of football fans – players of the cult computer game Football Manager. Continue reading “#FM15 #CDTorrevieja – oh, what a night!”