#FM15 #CDTorrevieja – oh, what a night!

What a difference a week makes in the world of CD Torrevieja.

Not content with just putting an end to their run of defeats last weekend, the club has suddenly become the most talked about Spanish club outside of the Madrid’s, Barcelona and Real Oviedo!  Following the addition of football author Chris Darwen to assist the club with their commercial and PR activities, the Tercera Group 6 club have seen their membership base for next season increase by 50% and have forged a link with a previously untapped market of football fans – players of the cult computer game Football Manager.

In a move never seen before, official Football Manager fansite www.footballmanagercentral.com have become an official Pena of CD Torrevieja.  The fansite has over 3000 subscribers world wide and many of them got involved in a 12 hour fundraising event for the club on Friday night.  Viewers tuned in to watch the owner of www.footballmanagercentral.com Paul Wandless playing the computer game online, managing (of course) CD Torrevieja.  Viewers were encouraged to donate anything they could to the club in return for raffle tickets – and each time a certain target of funds was achieved then prizes were given out.  One lucky winner, Colin Mellars from the USA, won a match ball signed by the CD Torrevieja team.  So excited by his win he then purchased two replica football shirts for himself and his wife.

All these things are part of a new initiative within the club as Chris Darwen explained.  “I was really excited to start getting involved at CD Torrevieja.  Having been involved with the Real Oviedo Shareholders Trust I know what clubs mean to everyday football fans, and when I started telling people that they could get really involved with a professional club they were really excited.  Clubs like CD Torrevieja need a good membership base to compete every season as they provide the majority of our revenue.  So, to be able to tap into a truly international market place through things like Football Manager communities, fans in different countries that are looking to come and watch a team in a different part of the world and fans that just want to say the are part of something a bit different gives us a real chance at being financially self-sufficient.”

The 12 hour fundraising event was a massive success, raising over €500 in donations, merchandise sales and memberships and is just the first in a list of innovations that Darwen and CD Torrevieja’s Vice President Jeff Scott are working on.

It is an exciting time at the Vicente Garcia as the club hope to push on for the play-offs in the remaining games and set themselves up for a fantastic 2015/16.

If you would like to find out more about why Chris got involved at the club you can read his blog at www.chrisdarwen.com – more importantly, if you want to get involved in the exciting developments at CD Torrevieja in any capacity at all, drop him an email to cdtorreviejaofficial@gmail.com

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