#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?

Hello folks, and welcome to my new journey in the newly formed Football Association of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, or AR Crimea as they will be known from here on in.  I’m not pretending to know too much about the history or politics of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea but there has been talk that UEFA are going to sanction them as a new footballing country and help them set up a league structure following the Ukraine FA kicking out clubs based in Crimea.

I have leapt ahead and created a 4 tier league structure and have taken over as manager of Gvardiets Gvardyske, who were known as “The Guards.”  It has been very hard to find any history on them, but I get the feeling the also used to play in the Ukranian leagues and disbanded when conflicts started again.  This could be completely wrong however!  Either way, they have been placed in the second tier of the Crimean structure and have me in charge, so anything could happen.

Due to the lack of AR Crimean players on the database, I have started the save by adding players to playable teams, meaning that I have a nice full squad of existing players (all of which appear to Ukrainian) and some new-gens.  The board are expecting promotion this season, which was a bit of a surprise but then the media also think we will finish second before I even start tinkering.

My backroom team are hardly the Anfield “Boot Room” of years gone by, but they will do for now – one thing I have learned on FM15 is that mass clear outs do not appear to be the way forward.  Stability, stability.  As I made my managerial profile true to life, ex semi-pro and a low coaching badge,  I cannot see the lads improving much as players with the sessions we will be putting on!

The team report suggested we had nothing to offer up front, nothing of note at full back but plenty of midfield options.  I felt a potential strikerless formation forming in my mind, taking the best of @merryguido’s original FM15 version and my wingless 3-3-1-3.  Looking at the players I have, a 3-1-3-3-0 is not out of the question…

I’m keen to get scouting ASAP so that I can find some additions to the squad – at the moment we are well stocked in defence (if I am able to get a three man defence working well in a strikerless formation) but pretty light in midfield and attacking midfield – the scouts have already found me a couple of freebies that would add some quality so hopefully they will sign up.

So, before I go, what is the aim of this challenge?

  • To get promoted to the Crimean Premier League this season
  • To qualify for Europe within four seasons
  • To win the Crimean Premier League within five seasons
  • To qualify for the group stages of the Champions League within ten seasons
  • Get the AR Crimea job at some point and get them to a major finals

As ever, a reminder of the rules I impose on myself;

  • No use of player or staff search functionality
  • All players must be signed through scouts, trials, agents or staff recommendation
  • All staff must come through recommendation or the job centre
  • No downloaded tactics

It took me a while to put this database together, and configuring it correctly was a nightmare – so I am hoping this becomes the long-term save I have been craving.  When I report back tomorrow I will show you the pre-season results, how the first few league games have gone and what gems the scouts may have uncovered.  I am going to be writing this save in a different style, as I have got bored of just reporting what is going on in the same way, so it is going to be written as if I, the manager, am being interviewed at particular moments in the season – it might be rubbish, who knows!

Tune in tomorrow for the next part.

Go on the Gvards!





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