#FM15 Best of the FM week…

Alright folks, time for this week’s Best Of so that you can while away the last few hours before your weekend.  As ever, if I have missed any great FM articles or blogs, please let me know!

Guido Merry & Strikerless:  Going all CSI on @jlaspey’s Strikerless 4510 – @merryguido

Guido is back in fine form, taking us through an excellent strikerless formation created by @jlaspey on his Eibar save

The Tactical Annals:  Eibar – The Strikerless Revolution – @jlaspey

Following Guido’s analysis, @jlaspey then posted this excellent article, putting the advice into action

FMScrapbook:  Mistakes to avoid on FM15 – @fmscrapbook

Top article that does what it says on the tin…

FM Central on The Away Stand:  Not just a holiday! – @fm_central

Paul at his writing best, telling us a story about his job in Spain

SI Sports Centre:  The Long Term Approach – @cleon81

Not many write about player development better than Cleon, and this is well worth a read!

CM97/98 – @cm9798

Too many great posts in here to pick out one, go from the beginning and get all retro with CM97/98.  It appealed to the Johnny Cooper in me….

Ryan Tank:  Roger Schmidt – @ryantank100

Ryan does a great write up here, breaking down this year’s fashionable coach, Roger Schmidt

If I’ve missed anything this week, please let me know!





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