#FM15 – Legends Interview: The Godfather of Graphics, DazS8

Hey guys, another interview with a legend today!  I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have got this guy to talk to me, he told me that he has never given any kind of interview before so I was delighted when I persuaded him.  It then turns out he is a Mansfield fan and was randomly reading “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager” so I really like him now.  I have interviewed lots of the folks on the leading edge of tactics and blogging so far, but today we dip into the world of graphics with the man at the top of the game, DazS8!

DazS8, thanks for giving up some time to speak to me today.  Straight up mate, tell my followers who you are….

Hi, my name is Darrell but better known as DazS8 of course, I make graphics for the game we all love including backgrounds, skins and all the little icons etc that most people will probably never notice.  I have my own Facebook group DazS8 Graphics with a good bunch of members most of which I have known for a few years now.

Your graphics are possibly the most downloaded in FM history, so you very much qualify as an FM Legend but, tell us when you started playing the game?

Well I seem to have been playing management games forever but I first started with a game called Premier manager in 1992 which was very basic compared to today.  Then onto the famous Championship Manager 93/94 and, eventually, onto the Football Manager as we know it now.

22122901139306825 Championship_Manager_'93_Coverart

What made you want to start designing graphics for the game?

I have a very inquisitive nature and always found myself wanting to see what would happen if I put this here or moved that there, so I wanted to change how the game looked. I started about 5 or so years ago designing backgrounds for the game as there just did not seem to be any.  If I remember, there was one pack of about 10 trophy pictures by someone so I had a go myself and ended up doing a few hundred.  Back then I had support from a great friend called Minneapolis Jon who made huge stadium background packs, he gave me lots of advice and my graphics grew from then on.  I moved on to doing huge backgrounds packs and graphical changes etc, and then onto skins.

Where did you develop all your knowledge?

Well, to be honest, just at home.  I have no computer qualifications, so I am self taught by just getting stuck in and doing things, learning as I went on.  I wish I had studied it, but never did unfortunately.

What has your greatest save been to date?

Probably my greatest save was with my local team Mansfield Town, I know you know them Chris!  I took them all the way from the Conference to the Premier League, which took some doing as they never had any money.  I always had to build a new team at the start of every season with loans and free signings.  We got to the Premier league and expected a huge cash injection from the chairman….  he game me £3,000,000!  My god, was he serious?  Needless to say it did not go well and I ended up leaving to join Nottingham Forest.

What has been your biggest FM failure so far?

Biggest failure….  well not really a failure but I won the league with Tottenham and then the following season won it again and lost in the final of the Champions League.  It was a great achievement, I thought, but the board got taken over and they kicked me out and replaced me with their man!  I was speechless, gutted.  I couldn’t play the game for a while haha.

Who are you managing in FM15, and why?

I make and change that many things that I have struggled to have a save.  I want to start one with Manchester United or AC Milan and turn then into major forces again, if I get time.

For you, what has been the best addition to FM15 and why?

Improvement in the 3D match is always important to me, in my opinion they have spent too much time adding new elements to the game rather than fix or improve what is already there.  Having said that though they have improved it and the new little graphical touches in the stadiums are great.

Equally, what has been the worst?

Tactics and, oh yes, tactics.  I was never the greatest tactician and I struggled badly when the sliders were removed and then they went even further this year with new roles etc but I have learned a lot now and do make my own tactic now.

If you were in charge of SI for a day, what would you change and why?

I’d stop adding new things to the game and spend more time on the 3D match engine, it could be a lot better then it is.

DaxS8, thanks again for your time today.  If anyone isn’t using your graphics to enhance their game experience I urge them to go and download these now:






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