#FM15 – The Resurrection of AFC Hinckley (by @FM15AFCHinckley)

Hey guys – those of you that read this blog regularly might have noticed that I like to try and showcase a few different writers so you get a bit of variety.  I try and look for something a bit different so it’s not always the same type of story and nothing quite gets me more than a “resurrection” type of story.

When I saw Steve writing this I immediately liked the idea and his style of putting it across, so I was delighted when he agreed to let me post it on here, exclusively.  So ladies and gents, I give you “The Resurrection of AFC Hinckley) in the words of @FM15AFCHinckley
“Welcome to my new save. Where I am hopefully going to be taking AFC Hinckley through the leagues.

Why Hinckley I hear you ask?

I am originally from Leicester and spent 2 years of my life living in Hinckley and 6 years working there. Also when I was a kid my Uncle was Chairman of the old Hinckley Athletic before they merged with Hinckley Town. I supported them ever since my first trip down to the old Middlefield Lane over 20 years ago.

In 2013 Hinckley Athletic went bust due to their Chairman at the time refusing to pay a tax bill and decided instead to wind the club up.

In January 2014 AFC Hinckley was born when fans of the club created their own Community Trust Football Club. Their first season started 2014-15 when they were accepted into the Midland Football League First Division.
Putting them into FM15

To get them into the game and the fact that I’m dreadful at using the editor I have downloaded an update taking the English Leagues down to Level 24. Hinckley will be starting from Level 10 of the pyramid so I’m loading the game with just the English Leagues down to Level 10


Right now you know a bit about what I’ve done, here is what I hope to do:

1) Get AFC Hinckley back up to the Conference North, this will take a minimum of 4 season due to us being in Level 10 and the Conference North is Level 6.
2) Attempt to improve the clubs facilities and after a few years build our own ground
3) Improve our finances and hopefully after our facilities have improved start bringing through some local players

I’ve played a few weeks so far and due to having only 8 half-decent 1st team players and a few poorly rated Youth players I have made a few signings in the transfer market

Here is my current squad:



As you can see after a few transfers I have around 2 players per position but according to my Assistant Manager the CA/PA of the majority of players is poor. Im not unduly concerned as according to my team report the attributes are ranked high-ish for this league.

Picture three

Need to improve the work rate and maybe sign someone with decent leadership. Apart from that I’m very happy.
Transfers – Here is a list of players I’ve signed. I have decide to promote quite a few youth players so only really needed to strengthen in a few areas, mainly in goal where I signed Joe Mellings on a free and Daniel Macateer on Loan.

James Ward is pretty decent young CB, Mark Haran is an experiences CB, El Kholti is a pretty decent looking LB/LW, Corden is a 38 year old Winger but has the attributes I required, Luke Mack is a young RW.



I have decided to stick to a basic 442 but have a 41221(4123) as a back up.

Here is the tactic and roles I will be using:

shape roles

The RPM is a bit of a gamble but I have 2 midfielders who have some of the attributes required to play that role even if they are rates quite lowly by my assistant manager for the role.


Here is my current staff, I signed a new Assistant and a new Physio and Chief Scout, I also got myself a decent looking coach:


Season Preview

As you can see Heather St Johns are the favourites to win the league by quite some way. We are at 25-1 along with quite a few other teams. Im more than confident if the tactic works we ca challenge Heather for the title.

season preview

For anyone who doesn’t know the lower leagues only the top team goes up, there are no play-offs so its going to be tough!

Next update will be at the end of the season where I hope to bring some good news!”

You can follow the Twitter updates of the save on @FM15AFCHinckley

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