#FM15 The @fm_central Weekly Show

Bombarding you today folks, but here is something else to have a look at and liven up your Friday.  I was on the FM Central Weekly Show last night, where we discussed all things FM.  Go have a watch/listen! Continue reading “#FM15 The @fm_central Weekly Show”

#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?

Hello folks, and welcome to my new journey in the newly formed Football Association of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, or AR Crimea as they will be known from here on in.  I’m not pretending to know too much about the history or politics of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea but there has been talk that UEFA are going to sanction them as a new footballing country and help them set up a league structure following the Ukraine FA kicking out clubs based in Crimea. Continue reading “#FM15 #TheChangingOfTheGvards – what’s this one about then?”

#FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future Part Three by @nathdavidlewis

Welcome to the season three review of our youth prospects save, where we monitor the development of some of the most exciting young footballers. In the summer transfer window preceding the third season, Martin Odegaard made his second transfer move of the save, moving to Juventus for £3.75 million. Can he force his way into contention? Let’s find out. Continue reading “#FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future Part Three by @nathdavidlewis”