#FM15 #BestOf – the last 7 days…

Alright folks, it’s Friday so here is some after lunch reading/listening for you as you wind down to your weekends – this is the best of what I have read this week and I wanted to share it with you all. As usual, if I have missed anything please let me know!

The FM Central Weekly Show – @fm_central

Twice a week, normally on Monday’s and Thursday’s Paul and his team get together and have a chat about FM. Definitely worth a listen in my opinion.

Strikerless: Exploiting the MLS – @merryguido

Guido is at it again, writing a brilliant article on finding real value in the FM transfer market, focusing on the MLS and USA.

Football Manager Now: Project Africa – @fmnowforum

The guys in this forum have been working stupidly hard recently to put together all the leagues in Africa for our playing pleasure – go and see what they have achieved so far

SI Sports Centre: The Invincibles – @cleon81

The godfather of tactics, Cleon, is trying to recreate the last decent Arsenal team and the way they played, and is looking for our input. Go and have a look, watch some of the games and see if you can spot anything

As ever guys, this is not an exclusive list, just things I follow and have read this week.  If there are any other things I could be reviewing and watching/reading myself please let me know!

Enjoy, have a great weekend.



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