#FM15 Weekly Best of the Blogs!

Me again – just my Friday round up of the articles I have enjoyed online this week and putting them in front of you in case you have missed them!

Guido Merry & Strikerless: Hipster Overload

Guido at his best, talking us through a new strikers formation that has a libero, yes, a libero.

Jonathan Aspey & The Tactical Annals: A Fresh-ish Start & Playing the Patch

Two from Jonathan this week, the first talking us through his new job and the second a nice look at a couple of formations that do or do not work, including a lovely little rant at SI!

Cleon & The SI Sports Centre: Development, Match Experience & Everything in between

When it comes to talking about player development, not many do it as well as Cleon and he is at it again in this excellent article.

Enjoy folks, I certainly did.


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