#FM15 #TheJenaJourney – 3. Liga

31/12:2014:  A little FC Carl Zeiss Jena update for anyone that is interested – running this alongside Paul’s “The Fight” with Magdeburg and racing him to the Bundesliga.

I could not be happier with how the side are playing, we are getting more confident with the style I have created. I don’t think there is a better sight than watching your team start to play the football you originally imagined, especially when it is winning games.

We’ve won five on the bounce, and although I cannot see us really pushing to win the league if we can keep some kind of consistency there is a chance of realistically pushing for the play-offs. Of course, all that could change very quickly and if we do pick up a few defeats it is important that we bounce back quickly. I am also concerned that if I pick up an injury to Timo Schmidt, Tom Geisler or Vita Lux then I do not have enough quality in reserve – these three are key players. Timo plays in the crucial running midfielder role, he is excellent at running with the ball from deep and breaking the lines. I want the role to play like Gazza did before his knee injury all those years ago, being able to carry the ball great distances and create space in this way. Geisler plays the DM role for me, and despite it not being set up as a DLP or Regista he still is able to dictate the tempo and is the pivot to getting the ball wide to the attacking full backs whenever possible. Lux was our top scorer last season when we got promoted. He is playing an F9 role, drifts in and out of the game. What I didn’t see in his game last season that this new style of play is bringing out is a creative range of passing, he really does link the game up in the way I hoped for. Injuries to one of these three could really cause me problems, so fingers crossed I can keep them wrapped up in cotton wool!

3.Liga Table-2 Winning Streak-2


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