FM15: Introducing @davelane78

Morning guys, I am delighted to introduce you to a new member of the FM15 blogging team here at Come on the Oviedo – allow me to introduce you to David Lane (@davelane78).

As is the usual form here, I asked him a few questions – but Dave will be writing for me weekly and telling you all about his exciting FM15 save, the first article of which will be posted tomorrow!

Dave, welcome to Come on the Oviedo – what made you want to start writing about FM?

I have been interested in blogging about FM for a while now. I had began to look at building a blog of my own while playing FM13 however with FM15 being released shortly afterwards, I put a hiatus on the project. Contributing to this blog allows me to carry on what I wanted to do while not maintaining the commitment to running the entire blog myself.

Where did you develop all your knowledge? 

I have loved football since watching Italia ‘90 and I would credit Diego Maradona as my favourite ever player. I just love the game and my knowledge has come from watching as much as I can. This has also led me to become a qualified referee and officiate at grass roots level.


What has been your greatest save to date? 

I have had several saves which I will almost remember but I think my favourite of the last couple of years was my save with Dynamo Dresden in the German league where I took them from the German 3rd tier to qualify for European football. I eventually left Dresden after 5 years to take the AC Milan Job as they were struggling in mid table half way through the Serie A season. I did manager to finish 3rd and end the season by lifting the Italian cup final with an injury time winner in a 3-2 win over Napoli. A brilliant save.


What has been your biggest FM failure so far? 

I find this difficult to answer as I do not like to judge my FM saves as failures or not. Generally I will play the first few months with a team before I judge wither I want to continue with the game or not for a variety of factors. If you are looking at success on the pitch, my biggest game failure would be a save I started with AS Roma on FM12 where I was sacked after 8 league games. My league debut started with a 5-0 thrashing by Napoli and went downhill from there. 1 win and 5 defeats from the first 8 games was enough before the board decided to make a change. That one still hurts. I will return to Rome one day to set the record straight.


Who are you managing in FM15 and why? 

My current game is a new save starting with AFC Wimbledon and my project to have them promoted throughout the leagues. I have always enjoyed starting with teams in lower leagues and this is a team I have never managed before. I want to see if I can emulate the Crazy Gang of the 1980‘s and replicate the success of that team.


For you, what has been the best addition to FM15 and why? 

For me, the best addition to FM15 is the reintroduction of the sidebar. This is something which was in Football Manager ago and I like this method of moving throughout the game. A welcome change this year.

Equally, what has been the worst? 

My biggest gripe with FM15 is the change to the tactics. i preferred the previous version of team tactics with sliders and tick boxes. Having a limited number of tabs to select is not something I like. It seems like something that has been added into to make life easier for people playing FM on tablets while disregarding the PC users who made the game the success it is today. I could go into a whole rant about this but will stop here.


If you were in charge of SI for a day, what would you change and why?

Perhaps I would look to see if we could introduce the Football Manager game model with other sports. I wouldn’t change anything with FM other than to have a sneaky peek at what plans they have for the next couple of editions of FM.

Dave, thanks and welcome aboard – we all look forward to reading about the “Will Wimbledon Weturn?” journey!

You can follow Dave on Twitter @davelane78

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