FM15 – Dear Mr Ferguson, how exactly did you win so many titles playing 442?

Folks, not so much a blog but a cry for help.

I am no tactical expert, the only formation I have ever really been able to design myself with some success was a simple 433 which, if I am being totally honest, was a mishmash of things I had learned from other people.  I am going to try and put together a 442 with some ideals that I will lay out below, but I need guidance and advice please.

So, the principles of what I am shooting for…

  • Attacking & attractive
  • Wins the ball back high up the pitch
  • Solid defensively, but not at the cost of playing attractive football
  • Avoids the usual 442 trap of straight lines
  • Uses the wings and gets lots of crosses in

The two main strikers I am going to have for this project prefer playing as a Target Man and an Advanced Forward, but I would probably like to make the TM a DF.

I have wide players that seem capable of playing WM or as a W.

Central midfielders seem a mixed bag of everything.

I am happy to lay down a framework and start training the players to fit into it, rather than making a formation to fit the players – just the way I have always played FM.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, feedback on how I should set this up I am all ears 🙂


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