FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future

As part of a new FM15 series, I will be following eight of the most promising young prospects as they aim to establish themselves as truly world-class players within the game. Some will be hoping to break into the first-team at a top-level side, some will be looking to secure a transfer to a “big four” side, while one in particular will hope to secure a big European move. Before we launch the FM15, let’s look at the eight young players we will be following:

Joel P

Joel Pereira – GK

Spain/ 18/ Man Utd

Joel Pereira will be looking to become another star Spanish goalkeeper for Manchester United and follow in in the footsteps of his compatriot David De Gea. He is extremely young for a goalkeeper, so has a long career ahead of him in which to develop into a top player. He faces the challenge of unseating De Gea, or earning himself a move to a smaller club at which he can be the main man.

Best attributes: Aerial ability, reflexes, jumping reach and natural fitness.


Niklas Sule – DC

Germany/ 18/ Hoffenheim

This young German centre-back is very strong physically, and recently broke into the Hoffenheim first-team, making 25 appearances in the Bundesliga. Recruited at a young age by Hoffenheim, Sule has bided his time, and now has the potential to cement himself as a first-teamer for years to come. It will be interesting to see whether Sule sticks with Hoffenheim and leads them to glory, or secures himself a move to one of the European giants.

Best attributes: Strength, pace, jumping reach, composure.


Salva Ruiz – DL

Spain/ 18/ Valencia

We could have chosen Luke Shaw as our fullback of choice, but Salva Ruiz offers a potentially more interesting story to follow. Currently playing for Valencia Mestalla in the Spanish Second Division B3, Ruiz has regular first-team experience. He is a step behind fellow defender Sule, in that he is yet to break into the first-team. He has strong attributes across the board for a full-back, although he will be looking to increase his ability in crossing, dribbling and passing.

Best Attributes: Stamina, marking, tackling, concentration.

Lucas Romero

Lucas Romero – DM

Argentina/ 20/ Velez

Romero seems to be the young midfielder of choice for FM15 players looking for a young prospect to add bite to their midfield in both the short and long-term. Romero is certainly impressive, even at a young age, and will give everything for his side. Since he currently plies his trade in South America, Romero will hope to make a big move into Europe, where he can further develop on his world-class potential.

Best Attributes: Teamwork, natural fitness, work rate.


Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – AMC

Denmark/18/ Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola’s favourite little playmaker at Bayern Munich is one of the most interesting young players in Europe, having featured multiple times for Bayern’s first team. Capable of playing in a variety of positions in the middle, he thrives most as a playmaker in the hole behind the striker. He has been highly touted by Mr Football Manager himself, Miles Jacobson, and looks likely to make a big impact on world football sooner or later.

Best Attributes: Vision, passing, strength, pace.


Martin Odegaard – AMC

Norway/ 15/ Stromsgodet

Odegaard is the new “latest Messi”. We’ve had a few of them over the years, but the young Norwegian shows real promise. Having received special permission from his parents, SI have placed Odegaard into the game despite his young age. He must be something special then, eh? One of the few on this list to be playing outside the major leagues, Odegaard will be looking to make the transition as quickly as possible.

Best Attributes: Balance, first touch, passing, determination.

Jack G

Jack Grealish – AMR

England/18/Aston Villa

The only English player to make our list of highly fancied prospects, Grealish has developed into a decent player numerous times in the last few editions of FM, but seems to have taken a step up this year. Having broken into the senior squad in real life, young Jack will hope that he can develop into a key player for Villa, before perhaps securing a move to one of the bigger clubs in the country.

Best Attributes: Dribbling, pace, passing, stamina.


Donis Avdijaj – AMC/ST

Albania or Germany/17/ Schalke

Who? I’m not sure either, but Donis is touted as the new Miroslav Klose. Technically excellent, with great agility, the young striker is eligible for both Albania and Germany. You would imagine he’s more likely to feature for the German side, so it will be up to him to claim a place in both the Schalke and German line-ups.

Best Attributes: Finishing, agility, technique, first touch.

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2 thoughts on “FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future

  1. Nice article Nathan! Hope to see more from you here, great addition Chris, your stories are great, enjoyed the first book, gotta get the second


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