FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future: Part Two

A season has passed in our save monitoring some of the hottest young prospects in Football Manager 15. Some will be pleased with their progress, while others will hope to drastically improve their plight in the coming seasons. Let’s look at our prospects:

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FM15 Legends Interview: The one and only @shrewnaldo

I first “met” Shewnaldo on Twitter when I suggested he checked out my book, “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager: The Story of Mansfield Town FC 99/00 (according to Championship Manager)”  I learned quickly that he wasn’t a fan of Twitter marketing, but his response did lead me to his blog, which I read and instantly connected with.  Since then I have read each post he has written, and the quality of his writing quite frankly makes me jealous.  I was a little nervous about approaching him to do this interview, fingers burned once and all that, so I was delighted when he said yes – and I hope you all enjoy learning more about the guy who writes one of the most viewed blogs in FM history.

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FM15 Clapton Corner Part Fifteen: Happy new FM15 year, January 2015

Happy New FM15 Year!  I haven’t played my Clapton save for a few days as I have been letting the blogs I had written in advance catch up.  We are now very much back in real time, and I am genuinely excited about pushing The Tons forward in the remainder of the 2015/16 season.  Offline, I have been looking at ways that I can tweak the Strikerless formation that we are using and seeing if there is anyway I can tighten up a touch defensively, whilst losing none of our attacking brilliance – and I think I may have done, so we shall see how it pans out this month.

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Fm15 Legends Interview: Paul from FM Central

Welcome back folks, another interview for you today – this time with one of the newer players on the block.  I stumbled across FM Central when I was trawling YouTube trying to find as much of the FM community as possible.  I found their weekly FM Show and was quite impressed, having dabbled in putting together weekly podcasts and videos on YouTube myself.  Since then I have got to know Paul a bit, and we share quite a lot in common – both support crap football teams in the UK, both quit the UK for a better way of life and both enjoy finding really random sides far down the leagues and dream of taking them to glory before we get bored.  Personally, I have started to spend too much time in their FB group and I think they have started one of the communities to be involved with.  So, I was delighted when Paul took some time out of taking Magdeburg up the German leagues to answer a few questions….

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FM15 Legends Interview: Cleon!

Folks, welcome to my second “FM15 Legends Interview.”  I am really proud to post this one, as this guy is someone I knew about from the my first time round playing FM, just before I had to go cold turkey.  He is one of the most respected “experts” out there and posts some of the best pieces ever written on the game, in my opinion.  So I was naturally delighted when he agreed to give up some time for me just before Christmas.  Enjoy…

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FM15 – Dear Mr Ferguson, how exactly did you win so many titles playing 442?

Folks, not so much a blog but a cry for help.

I am no tactical expert, the only formation I have ever really been able to design myself with some success was a simple 433 which, if I am being totally honest, was a mishmash of things I had learned from other people.  I am going to try and put together a 442 with some ideals that I will lay out below, but I need guidance and advice please.

So, the principles of what I am shooting for…

  • Attacking & attractive
  • Wins the ball back high up the pitch
  • Solid defensively, but not at the cost of playing attractive football
  • Avoids the usual 442 trap of straight lines
  • Uses the wings and gets lots of crosses in

The two main strikers I am going to have for this project prefer playing as a Target Man and an Advanced Forward, but I would probably like to make the TM a DF.

I have wide players that seem capable of playing WM or as a W.

Central midfielders seem a mixed bag of everything.

I am happy to lay down a framework and start training the players to fit into it, rather than making a formation to fit the players – just the way I have always played FM.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, feedback on how I should set this up I am all ears 🙂


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FM15 Legends Interview: Guido of

Guys, I am delighted to launch a new section of the blog today.  Since starting to get into this whole blogging thing following the success of the “Johnny Cooper, Championship Manager” books I wrote I have wanted to learn more about the folks who are already leading the way in this field.  For me, Guido is one of the reasons I wanted to give it a go.  I find his articles and tactical creativity really interesting, and something that I am aspiring to.  So, I was delighted when he agreed to answer a few questions!

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FM15 Nathan’s Nod to the Future

As part of a new FM15 series, I will be following eight of the most promising young prospects as they aim to establish themselves as truly world-class players within the game. Some will be hoping to break into the first-team at a top-level side, some will be looking to secure a transfer to a “big four” side, while one in particular will hope to secure a big European move. Before we launch the FM15, let’s look at the eight young players we will be following:

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