Folks, this is an important announcement (to those of you that might still read this blog and want more). Continue reading “WE ARE MOVING! CLOSING DOWN SALE!”


#JogaBonito : Playing the Brasilian Way

#JogaBonito : Playing the Brasilian Way

It is rare that an English manager travels abroad, even more so when he has won everything that can be won in the European game.  Having won title after title in nine years at Wolverhampton Wanderers their manager, Chris Darwen, made the unimaginable career move in quitting the club hours after their Champions League Final win.  Days later he was announced as the new manager of Internacional, then languishing at the bottom of Brasil’s Serie A.  Many thought he was mad at leaving the TV rich shores of Great Britain to head to relative slums of South American football. Continue reading “#JogaBonito : Playing the Brasilian Way”

#WonderfulWolves : The Business End of the Season

We might be on the verge of something magical, or I might be packing my bags and heading abroad by the end of this season.  With just five league games remaining we top the Premier League.  We are about to find out who we are going to play in the Champions League Semi Final and we already back at Wembley to play Manchester United in the FA Cup Final. Continue reading “#WonderfulWolves : The Business End of the Season”

#FM15 #WonderfulWolves : Surely we cannot win six?

We’re back again, trying to steer this Strikerless ship towards silverware.  For anyone that has forgotten/wasn’t aware/is wondering that the hell all this is about (delete where applicable) I am at Wolves, looking to do a decade where I emulate what Brian Clough achieved between 1971 and 1981 – namely taking a regional team from the second tier to the top tier, winning the title and then winning the Champions League (then the European Cup) twice (ideally back to back).  In my ninth season, I am sitting on three consecutive Premier League titles, a Champions League last season, an FA Cup and a League Cup – throw in the European Super Cup and World Club Championship this season and it is going ok.  Oh, and we have made a shed load of profit on player recruitment too. Continue reading “#FM15 #WonderfulWolves : Surely we cannot win six?”

#FM15 : #WonderfulWolves : A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

The fixture list can be a right bitch sometimes.  Due to our World Club Championship commitments, we have three games in hand over Premier League leaders Liverpool.  Three games that we have the right to play fresh, you would imagine.  But no, in their wisdom, thems that run the fixture computer have decided we start the new year with a game on Saturday and Monday.  Awesome.  Fortunately I shall have some new toys to play with come the Leeds game on the Monday.  By new toys, I mean new signings. Continue reading “#FM15 : #WonderfulWolves : A little bit of this and a little bit of that…”